The Satanic Temple TV

Beginner’s Guide

This is a step-by-step introduction to The Satanic Temple TV, giving you some tips and tricks on how to use this website and what to expect. If you are having technical problems or have a very specific question you want answered, please check out our FAQ instead.

Going home. To get to the home page, click or tap on our logo and name (“The Satanic Temple TV” on desktops or “TST TV” on mobile) and it will send you back to the beginning. This logo appears in the top left of every page on the site, and is a good way to “reset” if you get lost and want to start over.

Default home page layout. You will see four main categories arranged as “thumbnail strips” (much like Netflix or Amazon Video). The categories are: Recent Additions, Live Streaming, TST Original Series, and More Videos. Click a thumbnail to get to the page for a video or (if clicking on a series thumbnail) the page for a series of videos.

Featured events. But wait! When you first arrive, instead of the four category strips, you may see a big announcement screen with a “find out more” button on it! We do this when there is a big event coming up. Click on the button to go to the page for the big event. If you just want to get to the normal content, scroll down and you will see the normal four-category strips below it.

Video and event page addresses. Every video or event page has its own unique address, so you can bookmark it and come directly back to it later. You can also share that link with your friends on social media if you want to share a specific video, series, or episode in a series.

Video and event page layout. When you’re on a page for a video or event, there is a lot going on and it will look slightly different depending on whether you are on a desktop or a mobile device. Key information you should see include: title, price options, video date and run time, description, related videos, and some information on who is involved in the video and what category it is in. You should also see a big play icon, either to the right of the text (for desktops and laptops) or below it (for mobile and smaller screen devices). That big play icon is what you use to actually view the video.

#PROTIP: Once you are on a video page, it is best not to mess around with the browser window size or orientation of your device. Once you are playing the video, you can set it to “full screen” mode, but fussing with the browser size and dimensions can make it hard to use the sign-up / sign-in / paywall features.

Watch free stuff. If you are on a live stream or video that is marked as “free,” go ahead and click on that big play icon! Give it a moment, especially if you are on wireless and it’s possible that your connection is throttled. The player may stay idle at first so try to be patient. We have noticed it sometimes takes up to 15 seconds (which is a very long time on the internet, we know!) for some content to start playing, especially if it is a live stream.

Video controls. Once it is playing, hover the mouse over the video or tap the screen of your device, and you should see some of the standard controls you often see for video players. On the left, you will see: play, pause, restart, and volume/mute buttons. On the right, you will see options for full-screen and view settings.

#PROTIP: After the video is playing, click or tap the full screen control. If you are on a mobile device, go ahead and turn the device to “landscape” (horizontal) orientation after it is in full-screen mode, to get the best video experience.

Exiting the view. When you want to stop, hit “stop” on the video if it is not finished, and click on the link at the top left of the screen to return to the video information page. You can then navigate to other videos, or hit the logo on the top left of the screen to return home.

Watch non-free stuff. If you are on a live stream or video that is not free, you will see on the video or event page a list of price options under the title. The most common two options are a price for a one-time purchase of that individual video (usually $2.99) and a monthly price to become a member and get access to everything on the site ($9.99 per month). Some items may have additional price options available (e.g. subscribing to just a single series) or the individual one-time price may be different (e.g. if the video is a TST original feature-length film). To get access to these, you still begin by clicking the big play icon on the screen. This will activate the paywall interface, and you will see a description of the video and it’s price options, with a big red “BUY” button.

#PROTIP: If you click or tap on the play icon, and you see the thumbnail of the video pop up but you don’t see the “BUY” button, or you see only a portion of the thumbnail and it seems cut off, the “BUY” button is probably there but just not visible. If on mobile, try using your finger to swipe/scroll down to reveal the BUY button. If you are on a desktop or laptop, you may want to try scrolling or adjusting the dimensions of your browser.

Registering with the paywall. Once you click the red “BUY” button, if you have never purchased with us before or you are on a new device, you will get a login screen. It will have the words “login” and “sign up” at the top, and by default “login” will be selected and you will be asked for your email and password. If this is your first time, you will need to click “sign up,” which will show you a form to enter more details like your name and a place to enter your new password. Type it a second time to confirm. Once you have registered, you will be presented with a screen that shows you your payment options. You will also receive a welcome email from InPlayer. InPlayer is the partner company we use to handle the paywall. The email will have the subject line “Welcome!” and will be from

Selecting a price option. After setting up your account, you will be able to click or tap to select whether you want to pay the one-time price to purchase the single video or the monthly membership. The way these options are worded on the screen is confusing, because of weird limitations that InPlayer has on how we set things up. We are working to get it fixed. For now, just understand that (for example) a payment option that says “2.99 USD / 6666 month” is our cute Satanic way of saying you make a one-time payment of $2.99 and you get access to the video for life. The membership option, which appears as “9.99 USD / 1 month”, is a monthly recurring charge.

Checkout and payment. After selecting a price option, you will be presented with a checkout screen where you enter your card information. Unfortunately, we do not accept PayPal, because they have weird, uptight terms of service that technically allow them to suspend accounts that use their service to pay for “offensive” material… and we want no part of that kind of moral policing. Once you have paid, you should also get a receipt email from InPlayer. If you paid to become a member, it will say that you were charged for a membership to our site. If you paid for a single video, your receipt will show a weird cryptic code instead of the title of the video: this is something else we are trying to work with the vendor to get fixed.

Watching your video after payment. Once you have completed payment, the video you are on should immediately load and start playing. We have had reports of cases where it does not. If something freezes up or hangs, please just exit the page and come back to see if that fixes it. Once you have paid, you will be able to view that video any time you come back to the website, although you may need to log back into the paywall system if you come to the website on a new device or browser. If you paid for a subscription, you should be able to access any video on the entire site without paying, although again you may see the “buy” button at first until you log into the paywall system so that it recognizes you.

#PROTIP: If you are signing up for a full membership to the site, it doesn’t matter which video you choose to sign up with. Just pick literally any non-free video on the site and select the monthly membership price option when going through the payment process on its paywall screen. The results will be the same: you will then have access to everything on the site!

Is that everything? That should be everything you need to get started. If you are still having technical difficulties after going through the steps described here, please check out our FAQ page to see if your question is somewhere in there. If not, send us an email at

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy our video platform!