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Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to pitch your idea for a video or show that you would like to create for The Satanic Temple TV, please check out our blog article “Attention Satanic Video Creators!” and follow the instructions there.

If you are frustrated and confused, you may want to check out our Beginner’s Guide, which has some step-by-step explanations of the site, how to access things, and what to expect.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties viewing a video, interacting with our paywall, accessing the content you purchased, or are experiencing problems with billing, please search through the list of common questions and answers below. If you cannot find your issue here, please email and describe the technical problem you are experiencing in detail, including screenshots if possible.

1. Problems buying

How do I sign up to be a member for only $9.99 per month?

Go to the page of any video on the website that isn’t free content, and click on the main play icon (►) on the page. A screen will pop up to let you purchase that video. When you click the “BUY” button, and once you are logged in to the system, you will see at least two price options: a one-time payment for access to that one video and a monthly payment to become a member of the site. If you select the $9.99 monthly member price option, you will be a member with access to everything on the site. The $9.99 membership gives you the same results regardless of which video page you are on when you purchase it.

I see the price options for the video, but I don’t know how to select the one I want.

Click on the main play icon (►) on the video page to activate the paywall interface, and click on the red “BUY” button. Once you have signed in, you will be asked to click on the price option you would like to choose before you proceed to the screen where you enter payment information. This is a little clunky, we know: we are working with the paywall vendor to see if we can get this to be more streamlined.

I am trying to purchase a video or membership, but it says I do not have an account.

When you click on the red “BUY” button, a screen shows up asking you for an email and a password. If you have never purchased anything with us, you need to create an account first. Look above the email input field, where you should see both “login” and “sign up.” Click on “sign up,” and you will be asked to fill in your name, email, password, confirm your password, and agree to the terms of service. Once you have done this, you will be able to continue to make your purchase.

Why are one-time video purchases displayed as lasting for 6666 months?

Because the vendor we use for the paywall hasn’t given us a way to let you purchase a video “for life.” We are working with them to make this more clear. In the meantime, we hope that 6666 months is long enough for you to enjoy your video purchase.

The wording on the “choose your price” screen of the paywall is confusing.

Yes it is. The payment option that says “2.99 USD / 6666 month” refers to the one-time payment option for that single video, giving you access to that video for life. The payment option that says “9.99 USD / 1 month” refers to the monthly membership option, giving you access to everything on the site for as long as you maintain your monthly membership. We are working with the paywall vendor to get this improved.

2. Problems watching

I bought a video last time I was here, but now I see the “BUY” button again.

You may need to simply log back into the system so it recognizes you. When you click on the “BUY” button, the first screen you see will be a login screen. Enter the username and password you used when you made your purchase before. You should then automatically have access to the video, without being asked to pay again.

I am trying to watch a livestream, and see “Something went wrong during native playback”

Some mobile browsers show this message when you are trying to view a livestream that is not currently active. You should also see a message that says “Sorry, this media is offline.” Check to make sure that you are tuning in during the hours that the live event is being broadcast. If you tuned in before the event and have been waiting, you may need to hit the “refresh” button on your browser.

I am viewing the website on my phone and it is difficult to fill out the paywall form.

Please turn your phone vertically while filling out the paywall, and then horizontal to view the video. If you were holding the phone horizontally when you went to the page initially, you may need to refresh the screen while your phone is vertical.

I completed my payment and the paywall froze and never showed the video.

This has been reported a couple of times. We are investigating to try to see what causes it. In the meantime, reloading the page after your purchase completes should allow you to view the video.

I can see the video but I cannot see the controls (play, pause, volume, full screen).

If you are on a desktop, try changing the size of your browser. Because of the height-width ratio, browsers that are maximized on some screens scale the video in a way that cuts off the very bottom of the video. You can fix this by narrowing the width of the browser window.

I rotated my phone while watching my video and now part of it is cut off.

When viewing videos on your phone, we recommend the following steps in this specific order.

  • Holding your phone vertically (portrait orientation), tap to go to the video description page
  • Tap the play icon to start the video
  • In the lower right of the video, tap the full screen icon
  • With the video playing in full screen mode, rotate your phone horizontally (landscape orientation)
  • Your video will resize correctly

If you rotate your phone before you tap the “fullscreen” video option, it may not resize correctly.

3. Problems paying

What credit cards do you accept?

Our payment handling is done by InPlayer. Their paywall interface accepts Master Card, Visa, and American Express.

Why can’t I use PayPal to pay for my video or subscription?

PayPal has several restrictions and conditions embedded deep in their terms of service that allow them to discontinue services if we use their payment interface to sell certain types of material, including “certain sexually oriented materials” and “items that are considered obscene”. Obviously PayPal doesn’t always enforce these clauses of their terms of service; however, they are likely there so that PayPal has the legal option of enforcing them when they want to; for example, if they get enough complaints from the public. We do not want to be beholden to the arbitrary enforcement of their moral standards. This is the same reason we have launched our own platform, rather than simply creating a channel on a platform such as Youtube Red.

How do I change my payment information for my monthly membership?

Select any non-free video on the site, and click on the play icon (►). If you are not logged in to the paywall system, you can click on the red “BUY” button or on the small gray text below it that says “Already have access? Login here.” You will be asked to enter your email and password to log into the system.

Once you are logged in to the paywall on any of the video pages on our site, you should see a small circular icon of a pale blue face in the lower right corner of the video viewer screen. Click on or tap that icon, and you will see a menu appear with the following options: My Details, Purchases, Card Details, Password, Log Out. Click on “Card Details” to change your payment information.

How do I cancel my monthly membership?

Go to the page of any video on the website that isn’t free content, and click on the main play icon (►) on the page. The video player will appear if you are logged in to the paywall. An image with a red “BUY” button underneath will appear if you are not logged in.

If you are not logged in, you must log in first.

Step 1. Click on the large red “BUY” button
Step 2. On the form that appears, enter your login credentials (Email and Password).
Step 3. Click on Login.

When logged in, you should see the small blue face icon in the lower right corner of the video player.

Step 1. Click on the small blue face icon.
Step 2. Click on My Subscriptions and a pop-up will appear with subscription details
Step 3.  Click on Cancel Subscription button

When the subscription is canceled you will receive an email confirmation with the subject “Subscription canceled” from the email address

If you have difficulties cancelling your subscription, please send an email to

I want a refund.

Please send an email to and request a refund. We will work with you to find out what happened. Please give as many details about your problem in your email. We will grant refunds for the following scenarios:

  • You made duplicate purchases of the same content by accident
  • You pre-purchased a specific individual livestream that was cancelled
  • More than 80% of the content delivery had streaming issues (no sound, frozen or poor quality video)
  • The description of the content was misleading and did not describe what was actually on the stream or video.

We have no ability to grant refunds for any other reason.

4. Other Stuff

When I create an account, the welcome email says it is from InPlayer?

InPlayer is the name of the payment vendor who handles the paywall and payment technology, and manages the subscriptions. Any emails having to do with your interactions through the paywall, including account creation emails and purchase receipt emails, will come from them.

I never received a receipt email for my purchase.

The email will come from the email address, with the subject line “your receipt”. It should appear in your inbox immediately upon purchase. If you do not see it, please check your spam folder.