The New Creative Aeon – A ritual with Steven Johnson Leyba

The New Creative Aeon – A ritual with Steven Johnson Leyba

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The last few years have been mostly comprised of chaos and destruction but in the wake we can find a more clear picture than ever regarding the failure of our supposed “masters”: corporate, government, religious or otherwise. In their failure we call for an end to the chaos and destruction by invoking a new creative aeon. This ritual states our intent and recognizes the opportunity we now have to restart our lives and existence. We reaffirm that we are our own masters. We WILL create a new world – a world of enlightenment and reason, of inspiration and new path, pushing forward into our shared Satanic milieu. This ritual and endeavor was a collaboration between Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba, TST TV, and multiple TST Congregations.

Please note: This ritual is explicit – it includes nudity, piercing & real blood.

Please watch these videos in the following order: Intent, Human Powered, Invocation of the New Creative Aeon – Ritual

Creator: Karl Kasarda

This content contains vivid descriptions or images of: blood, gore, surgery, bodily fluids, body piercing, drugs use, drug addiction, nudity, profanity, sexual content, and/or blasphemy. Click "continue" if you agree to view this content and affirm that you are of legal age to do so, or you can try something else.