Bight of The Twin Trailer

Bight of The Twin Trailer

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TST TV is honored to present the digital premier of the feature documentary Bight of the Twin. The film tells the story of musician and artist Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Los Angeles-based artist and filmmaker Hazel Hill McCarthy III, as they journey to Ouidah in Benin Africa, seeking the origins of the Vodoun (Voodoo) religion.

Benin has the highest national average of twins per birth on Earth. Twins carry sacred meaning and are venerated as gods. When one sibling passes, the remaining twin remembers their lost other by carrying a carved replica of their dead brother or sister on their person. During filming, Genesis is initiated into the ‘Twin Fetish’, a Vodoun practice that activates a dead twin’s spirit, in order to allow a connection to the surviving twin. Through this ceremony, Genesis reaffirms an eternal bond with h/er late wife and Pandrogyne partner, Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge, an activation of a complete state. During production, the nature of the film changed from simply being a catalyst for audiences to gain a wider understanding and acceptance of Vodun, to being itself, Vodun, an object that has been activated by creation.

This powerful film reminds us that the things we seek, are rarely the things we find and that deeper levels of connectivity await us, in places we would never expect to discover them.

Directed by Hazel Hill McCarthy III.

Participants: Genesis P-Orridge
Collection: Bight of the Twin
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