A Curse On Nestlé Trailer

A Curse On Nestlé Trailer

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Our first performance art piece in the “Fuck Art” series comes from Apache Artist Steven Johnson Leyba. Leyba has been a Satanist for decades and was crowned a High Priest of The Church of Satan by Anton LaVey himself. He is a painter and performance artist. To say that his work can be challenging would be a gross understatement: He’s one of a very rare breed of truly hard core performance artists alive today. His politically motivated work resonates like a scream from the soul. Steven and his work are an important part of the fabric of modern Satanism.

A Curse On Nestlé was shot at the Lethal Amounts gallery in Los Angeles and features suspension artists and musicians from The Aesthetic Meat Front. The Nestlé corporation is accused of stealing water rights from Native land. This ritual is designed by the artist to put a curse on the corporation and the executives who run it.

You can now see both A Curse On Nestlé and our exclusive artist interview between Steven Leyba, William Morrison, and Lucien Greaves, only on TST TV!

Creator: Steven Leyba
Collection: A Curse On Nestlé

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