Baphomet’s Ball: Virtual Concert

Baphomet’s Ball: Virtual Concert

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Friends of The Satanic Temple – Western New York presents BAPHOMET’S BALL: a virtual benefit show featuring NINE BANDS from the Western New York and Mid-Atlantic regions.  Complementing this virtual concert is a 666-hour fundraiser to support the ongoing work of The Satanic Temple.

VISIT our fundraiser site on Flipcause to make a donation and find out more! Our campaign welcomes donations in any amount, but we also have some very special, unique and limited perks available on a first-come, first-served basis to early donors.  Don’t miss out!

This event has been split into four volumes for viewing convenience! All four videos are free to view, but don’t forget to check out the fundraiser as well. It’s not too late to contribute!

Participants: FOTST Western NY

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