Dark Crafts Carnival: Lupercalia 2021

Dark Crafts Carnival: Lupercalia 2021

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The Satanic Temple Florida brings you a unique experience with our second annual Dark Crafts Carnival. This year, you get to join in on the fun! See what FL has to offer, other than crazy FL man stories! Our variety, show airing on TSTTV, will kick off a week-long fundraiser where you can get your hands on TSTFL merch and bid on unique items during our online silent auction! Local FL bands, burlesque, presentations on varinging topics, rituals, and MORE! All themed around Hailing thyself! To help kick off Lupercalia.

This event has been split into four volumes for viewing convenience. All four volumes are free to members as part of their membership, but if you are not a member you can purchase the set of all four for only $6.66 or select individual videos for $3.33 each. To buy, simply select any one of the volumes below to visit its page, click on the “BUY” button, and follow the instructions for the price option you choose.

Dark Crafts Carnival Vol 1
Dark Crafts Carnival Vol 2
Dark Crafts Carnival Vol 3
Dark Crafts Carnival Vol 4
Creator: TST Florida

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