Inferno: Halloween 2020

Inferno: Halloween 2020

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TST Halloween Night 2020 was not only a celebration of Halloween night, but also TST TV’s one year anniversary. The event was co-hosted by Stu de Haan and Allison Sharpe. Due to some unforeseen tech mishaps, Allison’s audio wasn’t working, but she rolled with it and the outcome was hilarious! The outpouring of creativity from chapters world wide was simply amazing.

The live event from Halloween night has been split into four chapters for ease of viewing. What a great way to celebrate one of our most important holidays and usher in the next year of TST TV!

Inferno: Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Inferno: Chapter 2
Chapter 2
Inferno: Chapter 3
Chapter 3
Inferno: Chapter 4
Chapter 4

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