Night of the Beast

Night of the Beast

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The Satanic Temple Idaho and The Dark Sovereignty (known for Drag Me To Hell, Drag me to Hell’o’ween, and Fuck Hindsight) are back for Night of the Beast! Featuring drag, burlesque, and performance artists from around the world. Idaho did an amazing job with this event, if you missed it live, check it out!



Joining the fun is simple: 1) Click on the video thumbnail and you will be asked LOG IN or SIGN UP, 2) Create an account, or log in if you have one, 3) Choose the $6.66 USD price option, 4) On the next screen, click “add voucher” and type in DEMONCHATTER, and hit the tab key, 5) the price will become $0.00, so you can click “PAY” and it will be free!

After the first time, you will be automatically logged in when you come back. Watch the live stream, join the DemonChat, and enjoy the event!