Hexed Texts 1.2: Utter Pandemonium

Hexed Texts 1.2: Utter Pandemonium

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In this episode of Hexed Texts we dive into Books 1 and 2 of Paradise Lost…dive way, way down into the bowels of Hell with Satan and his Gucci Gang of fallen angels. The lads spend some time on the beach! Debates are had on how to best escape Hell! Satan pets some puppies!

CW: language, mentions of rape and incest

Creator: Vera
Collection: Hexed Texts

This content contains vivid descriptions or images of: blood, gore, surgery, bodily fluids, body piercing, drugs use, drug addiction, nudity, profanity, sexual content, and/or blasphemy. Click "continue" if you agree to view this content and affirm that you are of legal age to do so, or you can try something else.