ONP S02E01 with Jonathan MS Pearce

ONP S02E01 with Jonathan MS Pearce

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Jack Matirko is back to host an all new season of An Ongoing And Neccessary Pursuit!

The guest for our season premiere is Jonathan MS Pearce. Jonathan is a Philosophy teacher, creator of Patheos’ A Tippling Philo blog, and the author of several books including The Little book of Unholy Questions, The Problem with God: Classical Theism Under the Spotlight, as well as a zombie fiction novel Metamorphosis. But the big reason we wanted to have Johno on the show is because before the Covid-19 Pandemic he received experimental radiation treatment for his Multiple-sclerosis and is therefor in the high-risk pool. We pick Johno’s brain about how our two countries are dealing with the virus, how quarantine is holding up, and have some laughs thinking about ways to possibly try to fix this mess.

Participants: Jonathan MS Pearce
Creator: Jack Matirko

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