ONP S02E13 with David Marsh

ONP S02E13 with David Marsh

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David Marsh is the host of the YouTube show ‘Exploring the Human Journey’. After 45 years of being steeped in a restrictive Christian community David managed to subvert his indoctrination through judicious use of psychedelics and his current beliefs (which I don’t entirely agree with, but hey … he’s a good guy anyway-Jack) are something of a Pantheist bent. Jack and David discuss the controlling nature of insular religious groups, how to break free from them, and his own intellectual explorations into the wider world of religious and philosophical thought as he continues to deconstruct from his childhood within a religiously controlled information system.

Also: this week’s PSA is by Jack and “Ada King from Goddess: The American Stripper” (see: ONP S02E03), and stay at the end for a very special Season Finale Ostara Egg!

Participants: David Marsh
Creator: Jack Matirko

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