Ritual Music 2: ASKEW

Ritual Music 2: ASKEW

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In this second installment of Ritual Music we present ASKEW, an audio/visual project from Studio 23 in Bologna Italy. ASKEW is created by Justin Bennett (Skinny Puppy/ohGr/TKK/KetVector), Filippo Corradin (Bahntier/Autogeddon), Stefano Rossello (Bahntier, Detune-X, kETvECTOR), Jeff Smith (ohGr/Hate Dept). Mind bending visual art by; Giacomo Corradin, Valter Casotto and Mitch Mauracher.

This was the premiere performance of ASKEW: VOLUME 3, streaming from Bologna, Italy.

WARNING: Watching this event under the influence of mind altering substances may arouse a state of hyper active visual and auditory function, Increased awareness, euphoria, rapid eye movement, temporal displacement and inter-dimensional dissonance. Proceed with caution.


Ritual Music is a TST Original Series presenting experimental audio/visual artists from around the world.


Creator: ASKEW
Collection: Ritual Music

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