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TSTTV and VHQ are collaborating this holiday season to bring you the first annual…

Satanic Carol Contest

We want YOU to submit your own Satanic Christmas Carol videos for a chance to win free holiday access at VHQ, and have your video featured on TSTTV!

WHAT IS A SATANIC CHRISTMAS CAROL? Satanists love to have a little fun with taking traditional Christmas tunes and reworking the lyrics to make them a little more… well, Satanic.

ARE THERE ANY EXAMPLES? In 2015, Greg Stevens produced four music videos of Satanic Carols that have now become staples within TST:

Each page has the music video, and you can download the lyrics and sheet music, too!

And now we want to add YOUR ORIGINAL VIDEO to our collection!

HOW DO I ENTER? You can write brand new Satanic lyrics to any Christmas tune and make a video! Or if you prefer, you can do your own performance of one of our existing Satanic Carols. (You can download the lyrics for each of those songs on their video page.) Either way, get creative! Fast or slow, serious or silly… just make sure you pour your heart into it and have fun!

All submissions must be received by December 23rd! Email your submission to vhq@thesatanictemple.com using the subject line “Satanic Carol Submission”. Be sure to include the title and lyrics to your Satanic Carol, and a link we can use to download your video: use a file sharing service such as DropBox or Google Drive, and make sure the permissions are set so that anyone with the link can download the video. Please do not try to send the video file as an attachment.

WHAT ARE THE WINNER CATEGORIES? The winner categories are:

Best Original Song/Lyrics
One video will be selected as the winner
for the best original Satanic lyrics
written to “reinvent” a classic holiday tune!
Whether your go whimsical and snarky
or spooky and demonic AF
show off your lyrics-writing skills and win the prize!

Best Remix of a Satanic Carol
You’re not a writer or a poet? Never fear!
One video will be selected as the winner
for the best new performance of an existing song!
Check out the Satanic Carol pages above,
download the sheet music, and go to town!
Record your own adaptation, perform it however you want:
Get creative, get crazy… the best “remix” wins the prize!

Best Visual Performance
Sometimes a music video is all about aesthetics
so one video will be selected based on pure visual WOW!
Get artsy, get creative, and express what
Satanic winter holidays mean to you…
The most stunning Satanic video will get a prize too!

Viewers Choice
VHQ will host a special live viewing event for
on December 23rd
…and you can cast a vote with the other viewers
to select the winner of the Viewers Choice Award!
But you cannot vote if you are not there!
CLICK HERE to purchase a pass for VHQ
to attend the Satanic Carol Judging!

WHAT ARE THE PRIZES? The winners of each category will have their videos permanently featured in the Satanic Carols section on TSTTV, and will win a free pass for themselves +1 to VHQ for the entire Sol Invictus Week at VHQ (December 23 – 31).