BURN: a Liberation Ritual

BURN: a Liberation Ritual

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Burn is a liberation ritual. I use burning rituals frequently in my own practice – I find the act of destroying symbols of unhealthy relationships, behaviors, and ideas very therapeutic. It’s beautiful and freeing to witness the physical destruction of these intangible connections in the violence of the flames. It opens up new spaces in our hearts and minds. Burning rituals have been a powerful way for me to disconnect with toxic people, ideas, and relationships. – Shiva Honey

This ritual was directed by Stu de Haan, Produced and filmed by William Morrison and is performed by Mattea and Brian Hood. Music by Nat McCartney. The ritual is from “The Devils Tome” Shiva Honey’s excellent book of Satanic Rituals.

Participants: Brian Hood, Mattea
Collection: Satanic Rituals

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