Psychiatric Malpractice and Satanism

Psychiatric Malpractice and Satanism

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Lucien Greaves discusses the relationship between Satanism and mental health oversight reform.

Available for our subscription members only, a new addition from the archives: Lucien Greaves speaks about professional mental health incompetence that feeds the delusions of people like Ms. Jordan, and how The Satanic Temple’s Grey Faction seeks reform in mental health care oversight.

This lecture is one of the oldest in the Satanic Soapbox series, delivered on April 18, 2015, in front of the Maine Atheists and Humanists (MAH). For an added bonus, never before published, you get the audience Q&A session: starting at the 40 minute mark, you’ll get Lucien’s answers to questions about the Baphomet Statue, membership in The Satanic Temple, LaVey and the Church of Satan, and whether he is “The Devil”.

Participants: Lucien Greaves
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