Saturnalia 2020 (Volume 2)

Saturnalia 2020 (Volume 2)

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Volume 2 of TST Colorado’s Saturnalia 2020 event features Chris Mandile, Slim the Living Cyborg, plus cameos, original shorts, and more!

TST Colorado’s annual Saturnalia event is traditionally their biggest fundraiser of the year. The pandemic made things difficult for everybody, so please keep in mind that you can still help out with this fundraiser by purchasing some cool event merch ( and donating to The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Satanists. We will also be re-streaming the event (2 January 2021), so make sure to check it out if you missed it the first time… or even if you just want to experience it again! It will be a live event with chat, so join in with the fun!

You can also help out the individual artists and performers below by giving them a follow or a like on social media, and giving them a tip! (If you see a tip link, that lets you donate directly to the artist.)

Creator: TST Colorado
Collection: Saturnalia 2020

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