Inferno►October 31, 2020 @ 7:00pm PT

Inferno►October 31, 2020 @ 7:00pm PT

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A Satanic Halloween Spectacle

Join us on Halloween Night (7:00pm Pacific / 10:00pm Eastern) for our FREE live holiday celebration, hosted by Stu de Haan and Allison Sharpe. We will be showing you how Satanists party, with feeds from chapters around the world! Inferno 2020 is also the One Year Anniversary of The Satanic Temple TV, so during the show we will also be looking at clips of some of the best, worst and funniest content from the last year, and interviewing some of the amazing writers, directors and artists behind the content you see here on The Satanic Temple TV.

The evening’s lineup includes:

  • Spooky short stories read by members of TST NYC
  • Feed The Dead” – a graveyard ritual from TST Arizona
  • A Fire Ritual from TST Alberta
  • The Seven Tenets read in different languages by members of TST in the UK and Europe
  • An Unbaptism ritual performed by TST Minnesota
  • A visit to horror row in North Hollywood with Allison Sharpe
  • Jamie Davis Smith reading some of the hate mail she has gotten from her Huff Post article.
  • Dance Party (with a Zoom meet up) to end the night with DJ Plastic Disease. Dress to impress!

All of this will be mixed together with interviews with our filmmakers and creators and clips from the past year of TST TV. So be sure to join us on Halloween night, to party with Satanists from across the country and around the world!