Mission Statement

The Satanic Temple TV empowers artists and activists, promotes education and insight, and connects people through entertainment and shared experience.

Vision Statement

We will entertain and challenge, delight and disgust. We will explore the artistic, political and transgressive roots of modern Satanism. We will give voice to our diverse communities as Satanists, atheists and social justice activists in a global society. You may not agree with everything said on our platform, and you may not like every person who is given a voice. Neither do we. We are giving shape and depth to the history and future direction of Satanism and the movements we come in contact with as we work to promote our core values.

Core Values

1. To embody the seven tenets

“True to the principles put forth in our philosophy, we have created neither a mindless entertainment platform nor a propaganda station for The Satanic Temple; rather, The Satanic Temple TV is a unique streaming platform that will challenge and enrich our viewers by exposing them to multiple views and lesser known works of merit. Log in and let your Satanic education and entertainment begin.”

Lucien Greaves, Spokesperson and Co-Founder, The Satanic Temple

2. To be stewards of subculture

“TST TV as a platform has many of the aspects of the golden age of community television that existed in the 80 and 90’s. The FCC in America and the CRTC in Canada mandated that a certain amount of the broadcast spectrum would be dedicated to community programming. In theory, anyone with an idea could access the community television resources and produce their own programming. Many people launched careers and very popular programming on these stations across North America. It’s very much in the spirit of this that we’ve created TST TV. This platform is for you to express your creativity, and experience the wealth of creativity of others in our growing community of Satanists. Our creators are the sole owners of all of their work that appears on TST TV, and if you create for TST TV you will always own and control your work. Along with the original content produced by our members we are creating the first and only defacto library of Satanic or adjacent media. There are so many subcultures and artists who have paved the way for our new Satanic Tradition. With TST TV we are thrilled to be able to connect the dots and give you, the viewer, a road map to the foundations of modern Satanism.”

William Morrison, Executive Producer, The Satanic Temple TV

3. To support artists and their work

“We worked very hard to create a business model that reflects a fundamental ethical stance: empower artists. I see The Satanic Temple TV as a support system. A way to help the creative people in our community get their work out into the world, and make sure they get recognition and compensation for the value they create for all of us. Most of the money that comes from our subscribers and the purchases people make on our platform goes to the people making the content you see. And they keep ownership of everything they do, as well. I’m proud to be a part of a project that embodies these values.”

Greg Stevens, Executive Producer, The Satanic Temple TV